Connecting player’s, and their stories.

Supporter Programs

We have various Tebex supporter tiers available for purchase.

Community Store

Community store featuring community merch. SOON!

DEV Updates

Regular development updates across all of our servers.

Support Services

Support is available for all community members through our discord ticket system.

About Us

A community driven by great interactions, and story driven content.

It is our goal to bridge the gap seen in many role play servers. By implementing rules procedures, reporting systems we are able to create a player base with the desire to see roleplay to its full potential. Sick of the mindless roleplay experience, and toxic players that are let run rampant? Give theBRIDGE a shot!

Why Choose Us?

We are here to drive everyone’s stories, not just a few.

Have a storyline you need some help from the community or staff to pull off? We will work with you to create great scenes, and do our best to create those great interactions for you naturally.

Games we play!

This is not a comprehensive list, and we are constantly adding new games, and community servers!


We run a feature packed FiveM server that is constantly undergoing development. Come be part of something!

Escape from Tarkov

Our community members play EFT, coordinate in discord, and play with us!

Community Games & more!

We organize community games where many of us will group up and play things like Among Us, Fall Guys, Tabletop Simulator, and more!

Player Reviews

Some day we will have player testimonial’s in this spot! till then….

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Samantha Hoff

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Daniel Gilbert

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Roxanne Jose

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only play FiveM?

FiveM is where the community spends most of its time. We do often group up and play other games together as a community too though.

Where are the servers hosted?

In an effort to provide the best connection for all, our servers are run out of a data center in Texas.

Can I get unbanned?

Banning people from the community is very serious for us. We perform player investigations on every report before making the decision to ban a player, and multiple opinions are taken into account. As a general rule we will not overturn a ban ruling.

How do I join the community?

Our FiveM community is an 18+ roleplay community. You must complete an application in our discord server in order to be interviewed and receive whitelist permissions for our roleplay server. Join discord for more information!

How do I become a support or staff member?

I am still writing the process for this. Currently people interested in becoming staff or support are encouraged to spend some time in the community, offering assistance where available. After you have been with the community and contributed as a community member you can express your interest in joining our team with a staff member.

I need help with a purchase.

Create a help ticket in discord for purchase assistance.

Our Servers

theBRIDGE | Serious RP | Whitelist

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